Every Woman's Events of Woodbury

Saturday, 2 April 2016

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Duathlon - long course - team or solo event

When: Saturday 2nd April 2016
On day registrations to be taken from 8.30am
Start time: 9.15am for warm up - bikes need to be at the transition point (30m down road from Domain grounds and you need to be back at the Domain by 9.15am)

Start: Woodbury Domain
Finish: Woodbury Domain - through single gate behind hall (it will be sign posted). You must slow down when approaching the single gate and crossing the finish line to ensure correct time is captured. Marshalls will ask you to go in single file.

First leg of route  10km run:
Start corner of Burdon Rd and Church Street
Along Burdon Road
Left into Donkin Road
Right into Blakiston Road
Right into Lysaght Road
Right into Burdon Road
Left into Woodbury Road
Finish at the School for the bike transition


Second leg of route: 23km bike ride

Starts at Woodbury School as per previous years.

Up Burdon Road
Right into Lysaght Road
Left up Tripp Sett Road
Turn around at intersection of Tripp Sett and Yates Road
Return via same route to the School.

 For the the team event, except on the return back towards the school ,competitors turn around again at the corner of Burdon and Lysaght Road and head back to Yates Road for a second time before returning to the school - making it approximately
23 km)


Third leg of route: 5 km run

Out the school gate and left onto Woodbury Road
Left up the lane between the domain and the cemetery,
Through the cattle yards
Loop around the paddock some where
Enter the Bartlett/McQuade property
Down the Bartlett/McQuade drive way to Burdon Road
Left into Burdon Road
Right into Woodbury Road
Right into High Street
Right into Church Street
Right into Burdon Road
Back to finish line at the Domain.

First Leg 10km Run


Second Leg - 23km cycle


Third Leg - 5km Run